HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd trains civil servants and improves their skills, and it also participates in different ways in developing state administration organisations.

HAUS is a Finnish state-owned company which reports to the Ministry of Finance. HAUS is a stakeholder unit within the public administration, otherwise known as an in-house actor. Governmental organisations can use HAUS flexibly to develop their organisation and personnel.

From agency to state-owned company

HAUS and its previous incarnations have gone through many stages of development – from state budget-funded agency to state-owned limited company to in-house actor – since it was originally established over 40 years ago.

Milestones along the way:

  • State Training Centre (VVK) founded 1971
  • Administrative Development Agency established 1987. This was comprised of the State Training Centre and some functions of the Ministry of Finance.
  • The Administrative Development Agency changed its name to the Finnish Institute of Public Management in 1995 and became a state enterprise.
  • HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd founded 2002
  • HAUS becomes an in-house actor 2010.

HAUS’s in-house customers are listed in law under the limited company called HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd.

The services that HAUS offers include diverse open training, tailor-made courses and other projects targeted at specific state agencies. HAUS College organises professional and expert studies for apprenticeship training funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

We offer training and consultation in the following fields:

  • Customer service
  • EU know-how
  • Public administration
  • Public law
  • Public procurement
  • Human resources management and wellbeing at work
  • Leadership and management
  • Coaching and personal assessment
  • Projects and processes
  • Financial administration
  • Information administration and archiving
  • Secretarial and administrative work
  • Safety
  • Introduction to public administration
  • Communications

International cooperation

HAUS actively participates in several international development projects, especially through EU Twinning. HAUS also cooperates closely with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs regarding the implementation of development policy. HAUS International’s pool of experts is comprised of professionals from all around the world who are experts in their respective fields.

HAUS represents Finland in the EU’s DISPA (Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration) network. HAUS is also an associate member of NISPAcee (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe), and a member of both IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences) and IASIA (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration).