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A group of eight Zambian Senior Public Procurement Experts visited HAUS late August and early September. The visit was part of a two and half year Twinning Project that HAUS is implementing to support the Zambia Public Procurement Authority ZPPA as part of the Finnish bilateral development cooperation with Zambia financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The group was led by the Director General of ZPPA Dr. Chibelushi Musongole.


1st row: Mr. Oswald Zulu, Ms. Riitta Tihinen, Ms. Anneli Temmes, Dr. Chibelushi Musongole, Mr. Markku Siltanen
2nd row: Mr. Carl-Johan Nordberg, Ms. Ethel Kayonde, Mr. Reijo Lindh, Mr. Lubinda Wamuwi, Mr. Steven Mumbi, Mr. John Chipandwe, Ms. Mwaka Nhdlowu, Ms. Emily Mwenda

The objective of the visit was to familiarize with HAUS training programs and to observe the lessons learnt from Finnish and Estonian e-procurement experiences. In Finland the group visited Ministries, other government agencies and procurement entities, as well as heard how the advisory services and capacity building is organized through private companies. Also Finnish Parliament was paid a visit. In Tallinn the Ministry of Finance advisory unit and East Tallinn Central Hospital were visited to learn the Estonian e-procurement experience. The Ambassador of Finland in Zambia, Mr. Timo Olkkonen, also honored the program with his presence during some of the visits.

H.E. Ambassador of Finland in Zambia, Mr. Timo Olkkonen describing achievements in Finnish e-procurement to the Director General of Zambia Public Procurement Authority Dr. Chibelushi Musongole. Mr. Markku Siltanen, HAUS Chief Partnership Advisor and Mr. Lubinda Wamuwi and Mr. Steven Mumbi are listening carefully.

Finnish organisation and time keeping impressed

“I was impressed of the organization of the office routines and time keeping habit in the Finnish society, especially in all the offices we visited. This gives us something to reflect upon and bring back to our own daily work. I will see that the time management improves in ZPPA after the Finnish experience”, says Dr. Musongole when asked about the things that stuck his mind during the visit. He also liked how Finland uses statistics widely to monitor the development of the society.

The ZPPA PR officer Mr. John Chipandwe promised to take some lessons immediate in use when back at the office: “We will improve our capacity building and sensitisation immediately. In our Procurement Law workshop we will take on video of the most important part and then we will place training modules of relevant topics for the public and stakeholders to study on-line.”

Advisor Mr. Vesa Leino explaining the e-procurement plans to the visitors. Unit Director Mr. Jouko Leinonen and Councellor Mr. Harri Sallinen listening

Lessons learnt to take back

The Zambian colleagues are bringing back important lessons learnt from the one week visit. One of them is that the implementation of e-procurement has several challenges, so that countries should learn from each other in this respect. It was observed that in certain occasions paper procurement may still have its place.

The role of HAUS as the leading Civil Service training institution was appreciated by the visitors, and the group want ZPPA to continue benefitting of HAUS trainings. Targeted and timely capacity building is crucial, when Zambia is now piloting its new e-procurement system. Estonian experience of continuous training of both procurement entities and suppliers is really interesting and the way that Estonian government has supported the e-governance is exemplary.

Ms. Maarika Tork of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia explaining the e-procurement and related training and advisory services offered.

The good rate of tax payment and also satisfaction for the services that the society provides with the tax revenues in Finland was observed as an interesting detail of the Nordic society. The excellent reputation and effective communication of the Tax authority was also noted.

                                                                        Mr. John Chipandwe enjoying Tallinn marzipan shop.

Text and more information: Chief Partnership Adviser Markku Siltanen
Photos: Oswald Zulu, John Chipandwe

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