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PADOS project ended officially on 31 May 2016. PADOS project had started in February 2015 and a lot of work has been done since. The official starting events of the project were held in April 2015 in Helsinki. During the summer 2015 Finnish-Estonian expert teams implemented fact-finding missions to all beneficiary countries. The results of these missions were used in planning of the workshops.

                                              Kick-off Conference in the House of Estates. Photo © Hans Koistinen.

During autumn 2015 a PADOS workshop was organized in each beneficiary country. Such themes as public sector reform, e-governance, cyber security, open governance, anticorruption and civil service reform were featured in the workshops. Each workshop was tailor-made according to the development needs of the country.

Final Conference of the project was organized in Tallinn in January 2016. Both the starting events as well as closing events were also multilateral meeting platforms for participants as all six beneficiary countries were represented in those events.

                                                         Final Conference. Photo © Erik Peinar.

During the spring 2016 HAUS hosted several study visit groups in Finland. On the last days of May, the PADOS publication also came out. It consists of articles written by Finnish and Estonian key experts on main themes of the project. Publication has been distributed to the beneficiary countries as well as Finnish and Estonian counterparts.

The final Steering Committee of the project was held on 25 May. PADOS project has been a good example of the fruitful cooperation between HAUS and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

One of the highlights of the project has also been the cooperation between Finland and Estonia. PADOS project has shown the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding between EU countries. Together countries can do more than on their own. In addition, the beneficiary countries of the PADOS project have benefited from hearing different experiences and solutions that Finland and Estonia have.

                                 Finnish-Estonian team in the final consortium meeting. Photo by Katrin Borgen.

Text and more information: Project Coordinator Suvi Kivistö, tel. +358405059556

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