HAUS supports good governance by developing public procurement in Zambia

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HAUS has started a two-and-a-half year Twinning Project with Zambia Public Procurement Authority ZPPA, supported by financing from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The Kick off launch of the project was organised in Lusaka 3 March 2016.

Around 35 participants from public sector, ZPPA´s stakeholders, donor agencies, and ZPPA participated in the meeting.

From left ZPPA´s Director General Dr Chibelushi Musongole, HAUS Managing Director Ms. Anneli Temmes, The Minister for transport, works, purchasing and communication Dr. Yamfwa Mukanga, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Mr. Ronald Simwinga and Chargé d´Affaires Mr. Mauri Starckman from the Embassy of Finland.

The results of the project benefit the whole country

According to the Director General of ZPPA Dr. Chibelushi Musongole, one of the objectives of the Twinning Partnership is to support ZPPA´s in its restructuring process to be as effective as possible in the execution of its mandate. When public procurement works effectively, the whole country benefits, as the government investments have better value added.

“I want to thank the Finnish government for the valuable support through this cooperation!”

Chibelushi Musongole

Extensive HAUS Twinning experience supports the successful implementation of the cooperation

The Managing Director of HAUS, Ms. Anneli Temmes, emphasized the importance of trust in any partnership, also in Twinning cooperation. According to Ms. Temmes, in the new project - in addition to trust - the other important elements of success, such as realistic targets and common understanding of the mode of implementation and schedule, are in place and give good basis for impact. The strong experience of HAUS from EU funded Twinning projects benefits also the new cooperation.

“This is – once again – a learning process for all parties. Here we can together develop innovative new ways of working. I wish our Zambian colleagues warmly welcome to Finland!”Ms. Temmes ended.

Anneli Temmes

The new project is based on the long cooperation tradition between Zambia and Finland

Chargé d´Affaires of the Embassy of Finland in Lusaka, Mr. Mauri Starckman, said that over forty years of cooperation between the governments of Zambia and Finland form a good basis for the ZPPA-HAUS cooperation. The Project reinforces the impact of the Public Finance Management Reform Program implemented by the World Bank and financially supported by the government of Finland. The good results of the ZPPA-HAUS Twinning project´s first phase justified the financing of the current project.

The aim is that every penny will last longer, so that this would produce better services and lead to poverty reduction.” Starckman concluded.

Mauri Starckman

Good leadership and human resource management play an important role in increasing transparency in public procurement

When opening the Project officially on behalf of the guest of honor, Minister of Finance Dr. Alexandre Chikwanda, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Ronald Simwinga said that public procurement expenditure in Zambia is estimated to raise up to ZMW 53 billlion (4.6 billion €) in 2016.

He emphasized that the Twinning partnership project with HAUS supports in an excellent way good leadership and human resource management, which both play a major role when increasing the transparency of public procurement in Zambia.

After the four Key Note speeches Ms. Gloria Ngoma, Director of Compliance Monitoring of ZPPA and Mr. Markku Siltanen, Chief Partnership Advisor of ZPPA-HAUS Twinning project presented the results of the first phase of the project implemented in 2013 to 2014 and the planned Impact, Outcome and Outputs of the new 1.3 million € Project for the years 2016 to 2018.

“With a good risk analysis we try to foresee and mitigate possible risks that might occur” Siltanen said.

Markku Siltanen

The ZPPA Director General Dr. Musongole made a presentation on the Importance of Public Procurement in increasing transparency and eradication of corruption.

Finally, Senior Consultant Ms. Riitta Tihinen from HAUS presented the role of Human Resource Strategy for public organizations, and how HAUS is supporting the process of preparation the ZPPA Human Resource Strategy in 2016.

Ms. Riitta Tihinen happily discussing with
ZPPA Director of Finance Mr. Charles Ngosa


Text and more information: Markku Siltanen, markku.siltanen@haus.fi
Photos: Innocy Banda

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